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    Episode 14

    As You Like It: Goat Scream


    Students, the whole point of teaching, are the stars of this episode in which juniors Kendall Wienecke and Carrie Goeke-Morey offer a stage-setting explanation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. As for the goat scream, it has to be experienced to be appreciated.

    Episode 13

    Finding Hope in Genocide Studies: Lauren Brownlee

    As educators know, teaching is about much more than information and skills. Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education Visiting Scholar Lauren Brownlee touches on teaching’s power to inspire in a conversation with Executive Producer Ken Woodard about her journey to her role as the CSEE’s first visiting scholar, her article in the recent issue of the CSEE’s publication Connections Quarterly, and her high school elective history course Genocide Studies.

    Episode 12

    Figure It Out and Make It Happen: The American Yawp

    The Internet is changing almost everything including textbooks. This conversation with the editors of the free online United States History textbook The American Yawp sheds light on it origin and process. Editors Joe Locke and Ben Wright talk about the challenges and rewards of their remarkable contribution to the digital humanities.

    Episode 11

    SET Lab 2018 Cometh

    An extension of the conversation started in episode 10, executive producer Ken Woodard checks in with Urvi Morrison to talk about the lead-up to the SET Lab conference on June 1 and the particulars of where his investigation into student perspectives on in-class group learning is. Urvi and Ken talk about their collaboration to bring this survey-based study to a useful conclusion in the midst of other pressing job and life demands. This is for teachers who see themselves as lifelong scholars with interest in finding ways to squeeze real research into hectic lives.

    Episode 10

    Crosspost: A Conversation with SET Founder Urvi Morrison


    In our first crosspost, Strategic EdTech's founder and owner Urvi Morrison interviews Lunch Duty Podcast Executive Producer Ken Woodard about his participation in SET Lab, a program that coordinates and guides working teachers to conduct original research.

    Episode 9

    Through the Hoop: Interviewing for Teaching Jobs Part 2


    In this episode the Lunch Duty team continues with the topic of interviewing for teaching jobs, but shifts emphasis from anecdotal accounts of job interviews to practical commentary. Producer Giovanna Basney interviews Montgomery County Public Schools Research Teacher Specialist Anna Gomez and Producer Abby Wineck aggregates and reads distilled wisdom from a panel of her former supervisors from across her storied career.

    Episode 8

    Through the Hoop: Interviewing for Teaching Jobs Part I

    Almost all teachers have had at least one job interview. Exhausting in any circumstances and exhilarating when they go well, job interviews are small epics with a questing central character and interesting challenges. In this episode producer Giovanna Basney describes an interview of Homeric proportions and producer Abby Winek talks to one of her former teachers, George Shea, about how he navigated the interview that marked his transition from publishing to teaching.

    Episode 7

    Museum of Contemporary American Teenagers


    The Lunch Duty team, including its superb interns Julia Burns and Maya Young, covered the pop-up art museum with the catchy acronym MoCAT. A conversation between art teacher and Lunch Duty producer Tom Doyle starts an episode that includes interviews of artists Sophie Cobb and Jay Zimmer. Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Montgomery County, Maryland staged this three week art show at the end of 2017 and presented richly varied and socially oriented art by teenagers about the intensity of their lives in our rapidly changing world. If you missed the show in Bethesda, check out Lunch Duty’s first on-the-sport coverage of an event.

    Episode 6

    Market Revolution Rap


    Stone Ridge School Advanced Placement United States History students, challenged to master some statistics and facts related to the American Market Revolution of the first half of the 19th century, came up a variety of mnemonic devices. Sofia wrote her facts into a rap, recruited some background vocal talent, and in Studio 390 recorded this indelible piece of a capella brilliance. Try to listen to this without smiling….

    Episode 5

    Graceful Endgame: Retiring Well From Teaching


    Grading, meetings, the relentless schedule, and anticipation of holidays and long weekends are some of the seemingly endless milestones of any teacher’s career, but for all us these will come to an end when the Google Calendar’s red line of advancing time sweeps through our last day on the job. In this episode three teachers, Don Barron, Nancy Hayden, and Tom Hayden, talk about how they made the transition from the intensity of full time teaching to the adventure of retirement.

    Toolbox 2

    Education Buzzwords


    Teaching, reduced to its essence, is about language--the currency of communication. New teaching requires new language and doors open to promulgation of useful new words and phrases, destined to withstand the test of time and editorial scrutiny. But that same door also admits, usually in greater numbers than durably useful words, lots of jargon. Educational technologists Urvi Morrison and Jason Rosenberg stand astride this threshold and comment using delightfully lucid words jargon and useful terms in the rapidly evolving world of educational technology.

    Episode 4

    Teacher Anecdote Jam: Stories From the Classroom


    Most teachers tell stories to their students, but all teachers tell stories to each other. What are faculty rooms but forums for stories about students, parents, colleagues, administrators, or anything else that teachers encounter in the course of doing their diverse jobs? This episode includes brief stories about, among other things, eyebrow-eating robots and self-administered discipline.

    Episode 3
    Career Changers: Three Teachers From Different Professional Backgrounds


    Three teachers--a former Coast Guard officer, a real estate agent and lawyer, and a software designer and project manager--talk about the challenges and benefits of their big career changes to teaching. Kent Chappelka, Marlen McKinny, and Mig Oppenheimer describe their paths to the rewarding opportunities to make differences in their students’ lives. In the Exit Ticket Science department chair Kelly Tomon describes her successful application of Word Unscramble, the topic of Toolbox episode 1, to physics instruction.

    Episode 2

    The Power and Peril of Graded Group Projects

    The Lunch Duty team considers the advantages and problems with commonly assigned graded group projects. Experienced teacher and pedagogy leader Glenn Whitman, head of The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School represents the voice of experience with a balanced consideration of advantages and pitfalls of this approach. Catonsville High School senior Ely Morton offers a student’s perspective and Virginia Tech. senior Brian Kucik reflects on his encounters with high-stakes collaborative assessments in his high school days and in his current college milieu.

    Episode 1

    Miraculous Energy: Creative Teaching and Passion for Education

    In this episode master teachers Patrick Looby of the Summit Academy in Virginia, Paula LaVere of several dance studios from Metro DC to Baltimore, and Claudia Sorenson of the Norwood School in Maryland describe how they exceed the limits of standard contractual obligations to promote the enduring power of classical education, the transformative potential of dance, and the irreducibly experimental nature of real science. Tapping well-springs of commitment that run deeper than desire for a paycheck, these teachers make a case for importance of creativity to reaching students and enlivening schools.


    Episode 0

    From Gig to Vocation: A Snapshot of Teaching Becoming a Career


    Some people are born teachers who know that teaching is their career destiny, but many arrive in the classroom via circuitous routes through discarded career ideas or changing life plans. Producers Ken Woodard and Urvi Shah discuss the moment when they committed to work lives of teaching and Barbara Beachler describes her journey to her passion for teaching English at Stone Ridge.

    Toolbox 1

    Word Unscramble


    Ideal for humanities teachers, this lesson invites students to collaborate to closely consider sophisticated patterns of words to solve the puzzle of a scrambled definition or paragraph. Cooperative break-out work, sophisticated consideration of words and phrases, and the satisfying synaptic “click” of solving a puzzle nudge participants past the passivity of reading or hearing about a compelling concept.

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    Our mission is to podcast compelling audio interviews that elicit teaching wisdom and commentary from working teachers for the edification and amusement of working teachers .

  • Meet the Team

    We're a quirky group of teachers!

    Ken Woodard

    Host and Executive Producer

    A 26-year veteran of secondary school history teaching, Ken Woodard is chair of the Stone Ridge Upper School History department wherein he serves on the World History II team, a class for sophomores, and teaches United States History to juniors. He combines love for history with enthusiasm for the new possibilities presented by rapidly evolving production software. The US History oral history project combines these interests and the Lunch Duty Podcast is his latest attempt to bring sophisticated audio production to his job while participating in the explosion of Internet distributed radio. When not immersed in school related projects, he rides his bicycle and takes time during summers to head north to Vermont for work at Keewaydin, an outdoor adventure camp near Middlebury at which he leads backpacking trips and teaches canoeing. His most recent adventure and point of post-50-year-old pride was hiking the entirety of the 273 mile Long Trail in Vermont with his son and daughter.

    Chelsea Bollerman


    Chelsea is in her second year of teaching at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, where she teaches middle school Religion. Passionate about the connection between faith and reason, Chelsea cultivates a classroom in which faith is always seeking understanding. Before Stone Ridge, she taught at her alma mater, Red Bank Catholic High School, and received her Masters in Theological Studies at the Catholic University of America. Chelsea prides herself on being a lifelong learner and avid athlete. She is a competitive runner and is dedicated to coaching Cross Country and Track and Field. Her interests run the gamut, and in her free time she enjoys praying, cycling, hiking, rowing, mountain biking, watching old movies, reading classic literature, playing the ukulele, creating videos, listening to music, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Passionate about life and her students, Chelsea always tries to create an engaging and active classroom.

    Giovanna Basney


    Giovanna is in her 2nd year at Stone Ridge School and ninth year of teaching high school and middles school Math at independent private and public schools in three countries. In addition to teaching, Giovanna enjoys coaching the middle school girls in cross country and softball. She combines love for learning math with the same enthusiasm and grit it takes to run a cross country meet and transverse the Panamanian Canal in a Cayuco (similar to a 4 seater canoe). In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading, yoga, cooking, traveling and most importantly spending time with her two daughters; Alanna and Alyssa. As a result of growing up in an international environment through travel and a world education, she is passionate about diversity topics and global perspectives and brings this into her daily life.

    Tom Doyle


    Tom spent his childhood in Pittsburgh, PA, building everything from tree houses to strange vehicles made from skateboards and scooters, held together with jump rope. He and his siblings used simple tools and materials to turn any old day into a magical one. Mostly these projects crashed or burned (just one time though!), however, a joy of working as a group to make something spectacular was born. Tom tries to make the same happen while teaching ceramics and art making of all kinds with his students. When not teaching, Tom can be found running on the trails of Rock Creek, biking to the nearest donut shop, or planning what next to build!

    Abby Winek


    Abby Winek is a fourth-grade teacher at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart and a newly certified National Board Certified Teacher. Prior to teaching at Stone Ridge, Abby taught in the District of Columbia Public Schools in a variety of roles. Abby was a 2010 Teach for America Corps Member in the D.C. Region. Abby has her Masters in Education from George Mason University in Special Education and a Bachelors of Arts in Print Journalism from American University. Abby is excited to apply her undergraduate understanding of how to tell a story well to podcasting about education. When Abby is not teaching or podcasting, she enjoys spending time with her librarian husband and their young son.

    Sharon Kenny


    Sharon comes to the Lunch Duty project from a long career teaching History in the United States as well as in Rome, Kuwait and Moscow. Currently she is a History teacher in the Upper School at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart where she is a member of the World History I and II teams. Sharon has 10 years experience supervising student oral history projects and has a deep respect for those who work to create excellent quality audio with compelling content. An avid consumer of podcasts, this is her first foray into the world of creating podcasts. When she is not in school, Sharon can be found riding her beach coaster bicycle in Oxford, MD, swimming at the Y, gardening (listening to a podcast!) and enjoying time with her husband and two sons.

    Jason Rosenberg

    Technical Producer

    Jason is in his second year at Stone Ridge. After 20 years as a graphic designer and website developer and programmer, Jason shifted careers into teaching after discovering the bug (pun intended) while an adjunct at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Jason is currently a graduate student at Johns Hopkins and the Upper School Educational Technologist at Stone Ridge. In this role, he is able to get his feet wet with coding, robotics, 3D Printing, and all things related to EdTech. When not at school, Jason spends much of his time on his 20 acre farm with his wife and two children.

    Urvi Shah

    Creative Director

    Urvi Shah is an experienced educator and lifelong learner. She is the CEO and founder of Strategic EdTech LLC as well as Director of Educational Technology and Innovation at Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. Her company, Strategic EdTech, provides services, guidance, and leadership for educational institutions and districts to develop educational technology and innovation within best practices of teaching and learning.

    She has worked previously as a Technology Teaching and Learning Coordinator and middle school teacher. She is passionate about edtech, robotics, andragogy, and learning through constructionism. She's a yoga teacher, avid reader, and loves to kayak!

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